Quangle Quadrille

Instrumentation: Unaccompanied SATB choir Duration: In the region of 10+ minutes (see blurb below) Date of composition: Nov 2013-March 2014  

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Blurb Quangle Quadrille was written as part of Adopt a Composer 2013-14. Jenni Pinnock was paired with the Quangle Wangle Choir (qwchoir.co.uk), and together they collaborated to decide upon the perfect topic and text for the piece. The topics (weather and migratory birds) were decided upon by the choir, and their words, phrases and text have been incorporated into the final text (see the text analysis on the next pages). The piece begins with the shipping forecast, before a sea of harmonies appear, floating over and around the details of the forecast. The journey of the migratory birds then begins as they journey from across the British Isles to Dorset, on their epic adventure to sunnier shores. The birds swoop over the countryside before collecting on Portland, chattering on telephone lines and waiting for the right moment to begin the next stage. Suddenly they launch across the sea of harmonies as they soar over the channel. As their journey continues and they disappear into the distance, their Latin names emerging from the texture with African rhythms symbolising their intended destination. Quangle Quadrille contains several sections of variable length, ensuring the piece will be different every time it is performed – just as the journey the migratory birds make is never identical. The piece is roughly ten minutes in length, but can be shorter or longer at the conductor’s discretion.

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Requiem (2011-current work in progress)

Information about Requiem coming soon. Work in progress, written between 2011 and 2013.

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Bells in the Rain (2012)

Work for soprano and piano written in 2012. Available in two versions: soprano and piano and soprano and 'cello. This settling of Elinor Wylie’s emotional poem concentrates two key emotive elements: the bells, and the rain, both of which are important concepts throughout the music. Constant falling motifs in the accompaniment work alongside the soprano’s carefully crafted lines as the rain storm gains strength and later fades as the piece progresses. Bell-like clusters punctuate the texture, while the music continues with a slightly uneasy edge as the listener is left to contemplate where the tale will turn to next.

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I Am (2009)

Work for SATB unaccompanied choir written in 2009. More information about I Am coming soon.

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