Frost (2016)

Duration: Approx 3 minutes Date composed: Between November and January 2016 Serene, beautiful and striking. Frost was inspired by the beautiful carpet of ice crystals left across the landscape. Although it may be a danger, it makes the world sparkle in a magical way, leaving glinting frosty spiders webs and icy plants for us to admire. Frost is approximately 3 minutes in length and was composed in late 2015 and early 2016.

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Rains (2014)

Instrumentation: Piano Duration: Approx 3'00" Date of composition: August 2014 Blurb: Rains is a short piano piece inspired by summer rain falls. A gentle, meditative flow of rain forms the anchor of the piece, over which a singing melody floats. The downpour becomes more powerful in the central section of the piece as its range and complexity increases, before the gentle flow of rain returns, slows and finally stops. Rains was written in August 2014 and is approximately 3 minutes in length.    

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Circular Musings (2014)

Instrumentation: Organ Duration: Approx 3'30" Date of composition: July 2014 Blurb: Circular musings arose from some meditative playing of a theme on a church organ, which morphed and mutated over time and eventually became the theme for this piece. The material is very simple – one theme and its chord sequence, repeated over and over. It changes as it repeats, and every repetition is in a different key – following the circle of fifths but in a somewhat unusual sequence, skipping over a number of keys at each repetition. It is designed not to be a highly complex piece, but instead to let both the performer and any audience listen and reflect, and their minds wander in and out of the music. Circular musings was written in July 2014, and is approximately 3’30 in length.  

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Three moments (2014)

Instrumentation: Solo piano Duration: Approximately 6-7 minutes. Date of composition: March 2014

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Tempestuous (2013)

Work for solo organ (2013).

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Summer Rain (2011)

Instrumentation: Solo marimba Date of composition: Early 2011 Duration: Variable Summer Rain is a semi-structured, variable length work for marimba. For more information please see the blog posts: The structuring of a semi-structured piece Summer Rain - a final few notes

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Perkusi (2011)

Perkusi is a minature for solo flute. For more information about it, please see my blog post.   This recording was performed by Nancy Ruffer at the Colchester New Music workshop at firstsite, Colchester, on 22nd October 2011. Many thanks to all at CNM and to Nancy Ruffer for making the workshop, subsequent concert and recording possible.
  Perkusi by jennipinnock

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Thoughtscape I (2011)

A piece for solo piano. More information coming soon.

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Kebyar Perpetuaa (2010)

Instrumentation: Solo timpani Composed: 2010 The clip below was performed by Emma Stoffer in 2010.

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Captive (2010)

Instrumentation: Solo piano Duration: Approx. 5 minutes Date of composition: Between January and May 2010.   Blurb: This work is based around the situation of being a captive – in any sense of the word, whether mentally or physically – and the desire to break free. This captivity is reflected by the constant reprise of the initial theme and its retrograde inversion, and the piece’s reluctance to change key. The piece begins with the melody of the captive, growing and developing as their desperation becomes more apparent, before resigning themselves to their captivity. The theme is drawn out and repeated, reflecting both the tedium of the situation, and yet the simplicity implicit in being captive. The mind, however, longs to break free of the situation, and loosens its ties. After a short, sharp return to the real world, its true break for freedom comes. However, inevitably, it must eventually return to reality.

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